Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Certification Program
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Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Certification Program

Class will be held monthly on Friday from 9:30am to 5:30pm with 4 Intensive weekends held on Fridays and Saturdays from 9:30am to 5:30pm. The structure of the class gives you time to practice each concept and gain familiarity with it so that the addition of new information can be incorporated with ease. 5 to 10 individual practice sessions are required each month. 

Upon completion of the course you will be a certified Integrated Craniosacral Therapist (ICST).



This 18-month class will guide you gently and thoroughly through all aspects of Integrated Craniosacral Therapy. The small class size allows for personalized instruction so that you will have the confidence to work with a wide variety of concerns when you graduate from this program. Throughout the course we will explore the concepts of 

  • Neutrality -- the ability to be with your client so that all power and choice to change rests with her

  • Movement as an expression of health

  • Power-with vs. Power-over

  • How the body tends to hug an injury

  • Therapeutic presence -- reflect on what is needed on a personal level to hold a healing space for your client



The first section of classes will focus on the physical structures and techniques used in all forms of CST. With an awareness of anatomy and physiology, you will develop finely tuned palpation skills so that your treatments will be grounded in what is physically happening for your client. This makes your treatments safe and effective. You will:

  • Understand and treat the main components of the Craniosacral System. You will learn how to work with the flow of Cerebrospinal Fluid, bone, the membranes connected to bone and fascia.

  • Explore how energy is stored in the body and discover techniques to release that energy

  • Learn how to apply unwinding techniques

  • Help nerve pathways flow smoothly

  • Treat the pathway of verbal communication with Intra-oral techniques. An Intra-oral endorsement can be applied for after this class

  • Learn how to chart your sessions and other business related topics

Upon completion of the first section, you will take a practical exam to demonstrate your knowledge of all techniques. The purpose of the exam is for you to prove to yourself that you know how to apply all the techniques safely and effectively. At this point you qualify to be a certified Integrated Craniosacral Practitioner (ICSP).



Once you have a strong understanding of what your hands are able to witness, we will explore how to work with emotional patterns, how stress and trauma manifest in the body in the second section of the class. You will learn how to be a witness for the conscious mind and how it integrates with the non-conscious wisdom of the body.  You will:

  • Discover how to plan a session tailored to the specific needs of your client

  • Explore the use of therapeutic dialogue to open the connection between your client and her Inner Wisdom

  • Investigate Gestalt and Jungian thought as models to access the holding patterns of non-conscious beliefs

  • Understand how people naturally structure the stories they tell to guide your client towards resolution of traumatic events

  • Play with Improv techniques to help you access a neutral space with dialogue

  • Discover how to listen to your intuition and share your insights in a way that empowers your client

  • Learn how to work with the major life transitions of birth, pregnancy and death

  • Explore how to work with unresolved concerns held in a past-life experience

  • The final classes will be multiple hands sessions where the other classmates and myself will treat one student. Each student will practice leading a multiple hands session.

Towards the end of the second section you will complete a practical exam where you guide a session from start to finish with the use of therapeutic dialogue as appropriate. This is designed to help you prove to yourself that you can integrate working with the physical and emotional aspects of your client.  

Included with the tuition are two individual tutoring sessions to be used at any time throughout the program. You will decide on the topics or skills that you wish to explore on a deeper level. 

A third evaluation will be in the form of a take-home written exam for you to clarify your personal approach to the concepts of ICST.


Upcoming Program: October 2021

Class Dates:  TBA



Tuition: $4770
Early Registration 30 days in advance of the class $4520

Deposit: $600

Payment for the Intro to ICST class will go towards the deposit. 

With early registration, tuition after the deposit is $217 each month.

Payment plans are available. 


Continuing Education Credit Hours: 192

To register, contact Heather Islander

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