Integrated Craniosacral Sessions


What can I  expect from a session?

My hands gently locate and treat areas that are restricted to encourage more movement. I focus on how your body would like to expand the movement that is already present to encourage the tension to release. I work with your body’s natural ability to heal itself in a way that is both safe and transformative.

The most common and immediate response is of deep relaxation. Some people find a session more relaxing than a massage. When people are able to relax, the body is able to repair itself and move towards healing. Sessions are conducted on a padded massage table while the client is fully clothed. 


How many sessions are required?

I encourage my clients to pay attention to how their body responds and to trust their own instincts as to how often they want to come in and when treatment is complete. I find consistency is more important than frequency.

Some people prefer weekly sessions to build a gentle momentum towards change, and others enjoy sessions once every few weeks. The number of sessions will vary according to a number of factors, which may include the severity of the condition and how long the problem has existed.

Rate: 1 hr $140