Intuitive Conversations


When you are looking for guidance from your Inner Wisdom, guides or a loved one who has passed on, consider scheduling an Intuitive Conversation session.With your choice of a psychic or mediumship reading, I will help you understand the messages so that the insights can be applied with ease. These sessions can be done in-person at my office, or by video. For video, I will send you an email with a link that opens up Zoom (you don’t need to sign up for an account). For video, please choose a quiet space where you can concentrate without other people around.

All readings are an invitation to heal, an opportunity for growth, and a way to receive insights for your soul journey. Readings are a kind of mental puzzle where I weave together the symbols, metaphoric imagery and intuitive impressions that come through my visual, kinesthetic and auditory senses into a cohesive story.  My intent is to provide communication about the deepest need. When the need is voiced, you then have the ability to choose your response. In that choosing, healing occurs. The source of the guidance is specific to each type of reading. 

Psychic Reading 

In this reading your spirit is the source of the insights and guidance that I will share with you. With a Craniosacral session, my hands help you find ease with your physical patterns. With a psychic reading, the focus shifts to seeing your mental and emotional patterns with compassion. You might receive information about the events that have shaped you, your responses to those events, and what will be most helpful to you now. I may also help connect you with your guides, helpers and own inner wisdom. To prepare for this session, I invite you to reflect on what you’d like help with as I am open to your area of focus.  

Rates: 30 min $95 / 1 hr $140


Mediumship Reading

Your loved ones in spirit are the source of this communication. I open up to their energy in order to share information about their personality, their life, and any messages where the intent is to provide clarity and healing. Spirits vibrate at a higher frequency, so as they lower their vibration I raise my own, and then we meet in the middle. Mediumship is an act of love. I connect to those in spirit through the vibration of love, and that quality is present through all aspects of the communication. Because of this, there is nothing to fear about the reading. At times the person you wish to connect with most will come through, and it might also be someone you do not expect. Please be mindful that those with the deepest need come through, and that I do not have control over who chooses to speak. In some instances, the one with the deepest need is yourself, and then a psychic reading will be given. To prepare for this session, I invite you to think of all your loved ones in spirit and ask them to be with you. 

Rate: 30 min $95


Please keep in mind that your openness is an essential component to both types of readings as it creates space for the communication to happen with clarity. Expectations tend to limit the amount of information that comes through because they create tension within your physical body and the energy around you. If you have an expectation of who you’d like to hear from, or the message that you want to hear, the person and the message that is most needed may be hard to access. Trust in the creative force of love to guide the session increases what is possible. 


When scheduling, please let me know what type of reading you want to receive. If you have any questions, please call or write. I believe that healing is a service that should be available to all in need. If the standard rate is a hardship for you, a discounted rate is possible.