Introduction to Integrated Craniosacral Therapy
to Oct 12

Introduction to Integrated Craniosacral Therapy

Playfully explore what the Craniosacral Rhythm is and how to feel it in your hands! Everyone can be taught how to feel the gentle and rhythmic motion of the bones. This class is open to anyone interested in learning how to trust what your hands can sense. 

In this class I will introduce you to the main structures of the Craniosacral System, and how the bones move in relationship to the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Here we will:

  • Explore what the Craniosacral Rhythm feels like at the feet, legs, hips, rib cage, arms, hands and head. There are four specific hand-holds for the head.

  • Learn how to apply a gentle balancing technique called a Still-point that is good for a wide variety of concerns.

  • Investigate the foundational concept of neutrality and what it means to be of help rather than to help. Being of help often places the therapist in the role of a witness.

  • Utilize Improv exercises to demonstrate how powerful it is to hold space to empower the client to heal himself.


Upcoming Class:
This class will be held in October 2019.


Tuition: $450
Tuition with early registration one month in advance is $395
Payment for this class may be applied to the deposit for the Integrated Craniosacral Therapy Certification Program. Tuition includes a 45page workbook.


Payment plans are available.


Continued Learning Credit Hours: 16

To register, contact Heather Islander

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Intra-Oral Techniques
to May 7

Intra-Oral Techniques

For clear communication of one’s truth, working with specific restrictions held around the throat, jaw and mouth is helpful. When I think about treating this whole pathway, I become aware of how primal this area is. When a baby needs to understand what an object is, his first instinct is to put it in his mouth. Comfort and nourishment are linked to the food we take in. This area can hold trauma from birth, dentistry and braces, drowning, or sexual abuse. I look at the messages people take in about what is or isn’t appropriate to talk about and concerns around being heard. Is your client able to clearly express her thoughts, feelings and concerns, or does she swallow her truth?

This class will teach you the anatomy and physiology of the pathway of verbal communication. These techniques help open the cranial vault from another approach, and can help get to the heart of concerns that re-occur for your client.  

You will be able to apply for an Intra-Oral endorsement upon completion of this class.

Tuition: $450
with early registration a month in advance $395

Continuing Education Credits: 16

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