Emotional & Spiritual Life



Deep Spiritual Work

"It is rare to find a healer as gifted as Heather Islander. She is able to sense the level of work your system needs to accomplish in a particular session and is able to give the support necessary to let your body heal. I find our work is so deep I can only think of it as deeply spiritual."

- Heather

lower back pain

"A number of things drew me to Craniosacral Therapy, starting with physical discomfort and pain in my lower back that chiropractic was unable to address. Fortunately, my chiropractor had no reservations referring me to you during a particularly tough time. The benefits were immediate and significant.

The spiritual side of Craniosacral Therapy is also of great interest. I've studied a number of disciplines, and Craniosacral takes me to a centered, calm and powerful place. The imagery and impressions associated with Craniosacral work are very similar to those experienced in deep meditation.

The physical and spiritual benefits of Craniosacral Therapy have been tremendous, and I look forward to a long association with this incredible work, and with your practice."

- Mark


“Since I started seeing Heather for Craniosacral sessions about once a month, I've noticed an improvement in how I react to stressful, anxiety-producing situations. I'm better able to see the stress for what it is, recognize that I'm having anxiety and then allow myself to move through it without freaking out. I also have found the Craniosacral sessions helpful in lessening chronic aches and pains and helping me to loosen areas of my body that have been clenched for years (like my shoulders and jaw). I can't recommend her services enough. Thank you, Heather!"

- Peg

Scoliosis / Depression

"I first came to Heather for Craniosacral Therapy as recommended by my chiropractor for scoliosis. After over a year of sessions, she has not only alleviated my painful symptoms but has also helped tremendously with my anxiety, depression, tension, and overall restlessness. Craniosacral Therapy has definitely proven to benefit the body as a whole, as well as mind and spirit. I always leave Heather’s office in a renewed, peaceful state of mind."

- Meg