Individual Tutoring Sessions

If you are looking to refine your palpation or dialogue skills, schedule a tutoring session! Sessions are 90 minutes long. I will help you understand your process so that you have more confidence as a therapist. This is open to anyone interested in finding more depth and ease in your practice.

Tuition: $195


Apprenticeship Program

I believe that Craniosacral Therapy should be available and accessible to anyone who is interested in receiving a treatment. For people who cannot afford the full amount of a session, I offer a discounted session for clients open to participating in the apprenticeship program. Apprentices will assist me as I lead the hour session for my client. We will discuss what you noticed and any questions you have about the session after the client leaves. As your skills progress, you will move into the lead therapist position. This is a great way to see examples of how to treat concerns that you may not have experienced in your practice.

Tuition: $80 for the 1st session, $50 for the 2nd, $30 for the 3rd.
Once you have assisted at 3 sessions, the rate begins again at $80. 


"The tutoring and apprenticeship opportunities went far beyond what I expected. It so fully helped me as a person and as a healing practitioner. I am so grateful to have discovered this modality!"
– Will