Physical & Mental Health



Migraines & STress

"I started using Craniosacral Therapy to help with migraines and stress that I was experiencing in my life. My body always felt tense and I wanted to know what it might feel like to be relaxed in my body. This work had helped me to approach my life with a calmer and less stressed perspective.

I have more opportunity to pause rather than just react to the events around me. The touch that happens here is gentle and I feel so safe that I imagine that this is what an infant feels when being held in a loving embrace. My migraines are gone and I feel peaceful more often in my life. I am grateful to have the gentle guidance that comes with this work. I am healthy, I have more energy and I always look forward to my next session."

- Barbara

Jaw Pain & Trauma

"I've tried different kinds of massage and find that Craniosacral Therapy is the most relaxing for me. The benefits from it are far longer lasting and deeper than anything else I've tried. I was really convinced of its effectiveness when it relieved my jaw pain in one session. I apparently had been clenching my teeth so hard that my teeth became extremely sensitive. I couldn't even drink anything without my teeth hurting. After Heather worked on it once the pain and sensitivity all went away! Due to trauma my mind and body have been disconnected in ways that have made me feel a certain loss of control. Heather is progressively helping me in very significant ways to heal and to feel more connected. Craniosacral treatment is working for me. I highly recommend it and especially Heather as a cranial therapist. She's just really great at what she does! She knows what she's doing and is really in tune with the people she works with."

- Michi

Lyme Disease

"Heather Islander is the real deal. I have been working with Heather for a number of months now and cannot sing her praises enough. I came to Heather with Lyme disease and Bartonella. Both infections are deep within my body and I have been incredibly ill. Heather has been guiding me through this treatment process and helping me to dialogue with the Bacteria. To be honest I was slightly skeptical…in a healthy way…and wondered how on earth a little chat was going to make any difference in this devastating disease. I am very curious about everything so I gave it a shot.

I can honestly say that the work I have done with Heather has been just as beneficial as my antibiotic treatment and I definitely would not be as healthy as I am today without the work we have done together. I have been able to work through parts of this treatment much faster with Heather. After every treatment I have Herxed (die off reaction from the bacteria). This is a clear sign to me that this treatment is working. I feel the cranial work we do moving around for several weeks afterwards. The treatments allow me not to get stuck and stagnant. I have been in so much pain that I have often separated from my body and Heather is teaching me how to re-connect and listen. No small feat! Her guidance has been invaluable.

I have seen so many people claiming to be healers over the last 20 years! Most people have good intentions but are not genuine ‘healers’. Heather has the burning hot hands of a true healer. She is a conduit to dialogue and to help listen. Heather picked up during one session that I had had an injury to my right shoulder. She worked on it for quite some time releasing pain and blocks. I had never told her that I had broken my collarbone as a child. The only bone I have ever broken.

Not only is Heather a natural healer she is highly educated on the subject of Craniosacral and very knowledgeable about the body. I would be more than happy to discuss my experience with anyone who would like."

- Emma

Arm & Shoulder Pain

“I started Craniosacral Therapy due to extreme arm and shoulder pain. Each session with Heather resulted in pain relief and increased mobility. In addition, I loved the sense of release and well being I experienced throughout my whole body after each session. Even though my arm and shoulder pain are no longer a problem, Craniosacral is a practice I intend to use again as a source of holistic balance and well being.”

- Pam


"I still can't get over how incredibly relaxing the experience is, even more than a massage. You really feel like you're on your own little cloud when a session wraps up. It's the fastest, healthiest way out of a stress-head that I know of. Plus, Heather seems to know exactly what buttons to push if something's out of whack. After a string of stubborn headaches, I started stopping by for post-headache sessions, and gradually they got less severe, then vanished."

- Michael


"Heather is a true healer with the gift of making you feel when she's treating you that you're exactly where you should be. A couple of years ago I had a major vertigo attack that caused me to be wheeled out of my office on a stretcher and whisked off to the emergency room, where I spent four hours in misery before a massive dose of Valium made my symptoms subside. I was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease, which, according to conventional medicine, is an incurable condition which causes attacks of vertigo that can happen at any time, without warning.

Last spring I began to experience a series of comparatively minor vertigo attacks. These attacks were freaking me out because of what had happened last year. My GH doctor prescribed diuretics and more Valium, which helped a little but did not solve the problem. The Valium definitely made my days more pleasant, but I still lived with the fear that another massive attack was just a breath or two away.

Then I found Heather. I had never had craniosacral therapy before and did not know what to expect. What can I say? I walked out transformed; I left feeling so much better, believing that she could actually heal me rather than just treat my symptoms. I went back again a couple of days later for another treatment, and then returned again for a third, and by that time the vertigo was about 95% gone. I am so grateful that she is here in Seattle, working her magic for people like me. Just knowing I can see Heather when I need to alleviates my anxiety so much that I feel like I can handle whatever might come along."

- Pete